Let's Be Real is a life-style and spirituality blog. I have had the privilage of working with the owner, Madeline, to come up with a fresh web presence. It is currently in production, though you can click on the image to view the current draft of the home page.

I am currently working on transferring the custom template into WordPress, where it will live upon release. One of my favorite challenges thus far has been to work with the authentication required by the new Instagram API to imbed an updating feed into the homepage.

BookFinder is a simple web application that was completed as part of a Chingu cohort pre-work session. It draws on the GoogleBooks API and is written in vanilla HTML, CSS, Javascript.

A unique feature in the app is a book shelf in which users can store titles for future reference. This app has no back end. All storage takes place on the client-side. Data persists through use of the browser's localStorage() feature. is currently in progress. It is a collaborative project between myself and three other devs. It is within the context of the Chingu project. I am acting as project manager and release of the initial produce should be in early May of 2019.

The back end is built with Node, Express, and MongoDB. The front end is written in React/JSX using functional components and hooks. We are utilizing modified Scrum (Agile) methodology for our collaboration.

This is the landing page for a current project that will be the home of DGladen Pottery. I am enjoying working on this project because of the color contrasts. The template is monochromatic, allowing for each image to grab the user's attention. The use of images in a responsive manner allows me to give each user an experience that uniquely shifts instead of degrades due to different screen sizes.